Allergy & Dietary Requirements Menu Download

Please note our dish descriptions do not always mention every single ingredient, so please check the allergen tables we have provided in this menu. We have listed the 14 allergens specified by food standards agency plus onion and garlic.

Please note due to the seriousness of allergies and food intolerances the Zucci team cannot help select dishes and do not hold any other information about other allergens. Please also note that allergens contained in our condiments are not included (our parmesan contains milk), so may change the suitability of the dish.

Our fried items are cooked in a fryer with other allergen containing ingredients.

Our desserts are brought in and whilst we can inform you what ingredients are displayed on the packaging, we cannot guarantee they have been prepared in a allergen free environment. The cheesecake option on our desserts board changes from day to day so please check with our staff.